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Company Introduction


Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China. HGLASER is the main subsidiary company of Huagongtech Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 000988)

HGLASER is a national key high-tech enterprise, possessing technology centers and provincial key laboratories. Relying on the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, National Key Laboratory for Laser Technology and Exhibition Center for Laser Technology Processing, HGLASER undertakes national key projects and scientific research projects.

Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd possesses HGLASER and FARLEY?LASERLAB two famous brands. HGLASER has always been committed to providing broad and comprehensive laser manufacturing solutions in industrial manufacturing field, researching, manufacturing and selling various laser processing and plasma machining equipments, providing tube laser cutting processing and oil pipeline trade services. The main products of HGLASER cover the full power series of laser cutting systems, laser welding systems, laser marking series, laser texturing equipments, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines, laser devices, all kinds of support devices, laser processing and plasma machining equipments, which are used widely in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, parts, aviation, military, precision instruments, machine manufacturing, hardware, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, solar, education, communication and measurement, packaging, leathers, plastics, rubbers, jewelries, crafts, medical equipments, etc.


Five Product Series Focus Every Possibility

As a pioneer and leader of national laser industrial application, HGLASER possesses five product series: laser precision micro manufacturing equipments, high-power CNC laser manufacturing equipments, CNC precision plasma cutting series, laser devices and core components, large-scale surface treatment and remanufacturing equipments. They are widely used in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, automobiles and parts, aviation, military, precision instruments, machine manufacturing, hardware, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, solar, education, communication and measurement, packaging, leathers, plastics, rubbers, jewelries, crafts and medical equipments all over the world.

Innovation of HGLASER

Adhere to self-innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for HGLASER development. Depending on profound deposit and rich experience of laser key technology, researching and manufacturing more than 40 years, HGLASER has created a series of “First” for energy photoelectron industry in China.

The first high-power laser (online) splicer welding complete equipment in China, filling the domestic gaps;

The first high-power CO2 laser texturing complete equipment in China;

The first laser marking machine based on fiber laser, developed the first car label fiber laser marking machine in automobile industry, and substituted foreign equipments successfully;

The first multi-beam laser welding machines in China, which greatly promoted optical communication devices and kinescope industry;

The first large-scale laser cutting machine tools, exported to North American successfully in China;

The first CNC laser-MIG hybrid welding complete equipment in China;

The first midget solid laser spot welding machine in China;

The first double-plate tipping paper laser drilling machine in China.

Furthermore, the “High-power laser cutting, welding and combined cutting & welding processing technology and equipments project” gained the second prize of National Science and Technology Advancement in 2004, HGLASER has become the only laser enterprise with this manufacturing capacity. The “High-power continuous single-mode fiber laser key technology and the industrialization projects” gained Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award in 2013, the “CNC plasma combined drilling& cutting processing center equipment projects” gained the third prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award in 2013.

HGLASER has successful completed the 863 projects of “hundred-watt-class all-solid-state laser key technology and industrialization” and the National 11th Five-Year Plan Science-technology Support Plan Projects of “industrial laser and the complete equipments key technology research and application demonstration”, and passed the national acceptance.

HGLASER gains the “National Key New Product” title every year.

HGLASER has gained 93 national patents, including 27 invention patents and 76 practical new type patents.

HGLASER is the lead and main responsible unit of “Laser Technology” project, the key scientific and technological plan in China. It has completed 21 items of Science and Technology, 34 items of National Natural Science Foundation, 1 International Youth Inventor Gold Award, 4 items of National Scientific and Technological Advancement Award, 34 items of Provincial and Ministerial Level Scientific and Technological Advancement Award, 16 items of National Science and Technology Significant Result Award.

Consumerism of HGLASER

Adhere to “Customer First” and “Market Orientation”, HGLASER has more than 40% market sales and service personnel. At present, HGLASER has established a perfect market service system. More than 40 domestic offices are distributed in main center cities, so as to get close to the users and extend the services.

Talents of HGLASER

At present, HGLASER has set engineering research base and laser industry base in HGTECH Science Park, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, China Optics Valley, Wuhan, China. We have more than 1000 staffs, 30% of them own doctor or mater degrees, more than 20 senior specialists, 2 members of “Thousand Talents Program”, 5 members of “3551 Talents Program”, 1 member of “100-Talent Program”. HGLASER has established close cooperative relationship with famous research organizations in the United States, Germany and other countries.

Internationalization of HGLASER

The development of international market

With the development of international market, the small and medium power laser processing equipments (such as laser marking machine, welding machine and cutting machine), laser welding diamond saw blades, CNC laser cutting series have become hot-selling products in international markets. The sales of overseas market have increased to more than 20% of total sales of HGLASER.

Along with the increasing rising of international market share, the international marketing network has also developed continuously. HGLAER has set sales companies in India, Taiwan and other regions, and owns agents in UK, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, USA, Argentina, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.



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