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Laser Makes Radar System More Precise in Tracking Airplanes

2014-03-22 264 Back to list

The lost of MH370
In recent days, the missing flight MH370 draws widespread attention. This flight carries 239 people, including 12 crew members and 158 Chinese passengers. The flight hasn't contacted Chinese air traffic management department or entered China's air traffic control area so far. With a variety of radar devices, many countries have assisted in searching MH370 but no result.

Pictures from the network

Picture from the network

The current radar system
The present radar systems have limited precision in tracking objects at long ranges and cannot detect the dead zones of the ocean, because radio-frequency signals sent by electronic devices have much noise and less accuracy. More accuracy needs sending higher frequency signals. Sending higher frequency signals will cause much noise and less accuracy, which is a problem.

A new laser-based radar system
Lately, the Italian researchers of the National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunication just develop a new laser-based radar system, which could help track planes more precisely. This system uses “mode-locked laser” to transmit radar signals instead of electronic devices. Unlike current radar system, which has expensive, heavy cabling and big noise, laser is cheaper, lighter and has wide coverage. With so many advantages of laser, this new device could track the targets more precisely and scan in wide range and higher speed for searching airplanes.

Wide use of laser
Laser is widely used in all kinds of fields of people’s life. And it always provides a good solution in many areas. Correct application of laser will help people deal with problems. Laser has a very good application in aerospace, shipping, engineering, auto and so on. Laser marking, laser welding and laser cutting and other techniques all conduce to the development.

Photo from auto parts welding of FARLEY•LASERLAB

Photo from auto parts welding of FARLEY•LASERLAB