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Laser Headlights Era of BMW

2014-04-09 260 Back to list

Science and technology never stop moving forward. When most customers feel fresh about the LED headlights, many manufacturers have drawn up new plans to replace LED headlights. BMW is one of those manufacturers. While launching the LED headlights, they have set their sights on the next era of automobile headlights. Compare with the OLED lamps and laser fog lamps technology of Audi, the laser headlights of BMW are more likely to achieve quantity production.

BMW Laser Headlight (Photo from the Network)

Advantages of Laser Headlights

As a better replacement of LED headlights, the laser headlights have more advantages.

Smaller Size

Firstly, with the most advantages of LED headlights, such as high speed, low brightness degradation, small size, low power consumption and long service life, the laser headlights have superiority in size. The length of a single laser diode element can be 10 microns, only about 1% of conventional LED element size. It means that the conventional automobile headlights can be reduced significantly, which may revolutionize the design of the auto front face.

Higher Performance and Efficiency

Secondly, equipped with BMW laser light, the BMW i8 provides vastly improved lighting intensity over existing LED headlamps and increases its high beam range to about 600 meters, while at the same time reducing electricity consumption by about 30 percent, which brings higher performance and efficiency. 

Wide Application of Laser in Automobile Industry

Nowadays, the application of laser in automobile industry is more and more rapid. Application in headlights is just a small part. Such as white body laser welding, auto parts laser cutting, auto parts laser marking, etc. 

Photo from White Body Laser Welding of HGLASER 

Photo from Auto Parts Laser Welding of HGLASER 

Photo from Auto Parts Laser Marking of HGLASER

The science and technology advance too fast, let’s look forward the next laser technology innovation era.