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Application of Laser Welding Technology in Automobile Industry

2014-04-13 198 Back to list

Laser welding technology was first applied in military tank manufacturing. Although the welding strength at that time was much higher than traditional welding technology, the welding cost was relatively high. Later, with the improvement of laser welding technology, the laser welding technology has been applied in automobile industry gradually. 

We often see two unsightly rubber belts on the top of some cars, but other car roofs seems like a flat steel plate, which looks especially smooth, grace and beautiful. Besides beautiful appearance, this kind of cars can protect the drivers and passengers against hurt at a crucial time. All these benefit from laser welding technology.

Advantages of Laser Welding in Auto Industry

The application of laser welding in automobile can decrease vehicle weight, improve the assembly accuracy and increase the rigidity of car body. In current auto industry, laser technology is mainly applied in car body welding and parts welding. Laser welding is mainly used for automobile body frame structure, such as the top and side of car body welding. 

Photo from white body laser welding of HGLASER

Photo from White Body Laser Welding of HGLASER

With laser welding technology, the workpiece joint width can be reduced, which may not only reduce the plank usage but also increase the rigidity of car body. When applied in components, the welding speed is very fast and no deformation in welding parts. Therefore, it is widely used in the transmission gear, valve lifter, door hinge, etc. 

Photo from auto parts laser welding of HGLASER

Photo from Auto Parts Laser Welding of HGLASER

Photo from auto lamp welding of HGLASER

Photo from Auto Lamp Welding of HGLASER

Above all, laser welding technology improves the safety factor of vehicles and makes car body more stable.