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Laser Application in Daily Life——Clothing

2014-04-17 257 Back to list

It is well known that laser cutting machine is a very hot processing tool nowadays. It has been widely used in all kinds of industries. Laser cutting machine is not only applied in processing industries, but also applied widely in clothing industries. The application of laser cutting machine has speeded up the progress of clothing manufacturing and promoted the development of the clothing industry.

Laser application in clothing

Laser Application in Clothing

Traditional Manual Cutting Has Low Production Efficiency

Traditional manual cutting has higher production costs and longer production cycle. In addition, the inconvenience of modifying dimension will has influence on the date of delivery. What’s more, traditional manual cutting will cause silk pulling off because of the rough cut, which will bring a lot of inconvenience for process operation and reduce the market competitiveness.

Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine

By contrast, the laser cutting machine has many advantages as following:

●  Fast cutting speed, high precision and easy operation;

●  Steady movement and smooth cut help to implement mass production;

●  Materials processed by laser cutting machine have no deformation and rough edge;

●  Standard size and small errors soften the cutting effect;

●  High efficiency and low costs.

Furthermore, because of the combination of laser and computer technology, the laser cutting machine can work on arbitrary shape and size with the computer design. The application of laser cutting machine breaks through the traditional manual cutting, sufficiently addresses the issues of low efficiency and material-wasting. 

HGLASER Button Laser Making Machine Application in Button

Not only laser cutting machine, many laser marking machine are also applied in clothing industry.
For example, the button laser making machine of HGLASER is designed for button industry. It is suitable for button marking and button shape cutting. Its compact configuration could be installed on button machine directly. The system is matched with high-speed galvanometer and 16bits D/A card which raise productivity 20% production efficiency than traditional laser marking machine.

Button laser making machine of HGLASER

Button laser making machine of HGLASER

Button samples of button laser making machine

Button Samples of Button Laser Making Machine