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Laser Application in Daily Life——Furniture

2014-04-20 260 Back to list

As an epoch-making new technology, laser cutting machine has been widely used in furniture manufacturing. Integrating light, machine and electricity, laser cutting machine has high precision, fast speed, easy operation and high automation. There is no doubt that laser cutting machine is a strong and new impetus to promote the rapid development of furniture manufacturing industry.

Wooden furniture (photo from the network)

Wooden Furniture (Photo From the Network)

Traditional Cutting Cannot Satisfy Furniture Manufacturing

Traditional cutting technology has low efficiency, low added-value, low technology content, which can not adapt to the booming of furniture manufacturing industry. 

Technology Features of Laser Cutting

Compared with traditional cutting, the laser cutting technology, with scientific and reasonable machine design, replaces metal cutter with laser, so as to improve the cutting speed beyond 40m per minute. In addition, it has stable performance and precision cut. All of these provide new and practical technology solutions for the development of furniture manufacturing industry.

Laser Cutting Provides More Precision

The diameter of laser beam can reach 0.1 mm, and the cutting diameter on wood could be about 0.2 mm. Therefore, the cutting patterns are very precision. Then after a series of splicing, pasting, polishing and painting, which could make fine patterns on furniture surfaces. They not only improve artistic tastes and technology content of furniture, but also improve the benefits. Laser cutting machine can make more elaborate operation on wood materials.

Wooden material cutting samples of HGLASER

Wooden material cutting samples of HGLASER

Wooden Material Cutting Samples of HGLASER

Consequently, laser cutting machine has become the substitute of traditional cutting in furniture manufacturing industry.