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Cool Laser Keyboard Inspires Intelligent Life

2014-07-03 Back to list

Laser — not just for cutting sheet metal, or other industrial use, it is very close to our daily life. In recent domestic handset fair, a laser keyboard, developed by a domestic company, attracted everybody's attention.

Laser Virtual Keyboard (Picture from the Network) 

Laser keyboard is a kind of virtual keyboard, with similar size with small mobile phone. The device projects a virtual QWERTY keyboard on the desktop or in the air by bluetooth projection. The camera will collect hand action and determine the user's operation, so as to recognize the typing information.

Laser Projects Virtual Keyboard on Desktop (Picture from the Network) 

User Can Operate Laser Keyboard Freely (Picture from the Network) 

Compared with traditional keyboard, laser keyboard has smaller size, easier for carry, and cool operation. Through practical test, the recognition rate of keyboard can reach 350 words per minute. In addition, the projection image is not transparent and has no reflection, which is convenient for operation.

Traditional Keyboard (Picture from HGLASER Marking Sample) 

Small Size, Easy to Carry (Picture from the Network)