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Originality Appreciation——Laser Marking & Cutting Business Card

2014-10-14 Back to list

Business card is a kind of paper card to indicate name, organization, company and contact information. Business card is the fastest and the most effective way to know each other and introduce oneself. Creative business card can leave people deep impression and express your own unique style. We have seen ordinary paper card in usual. Today, HGLASER will introduce you some unique and beautiful laser cutting business cards.





Laser technology can not only mark permanent graphics and wordings, but also cut all kinds of patterns on the card, which makes the business card more distinctive, attractive, durable, hard to erase and unique artistic features.

In addition to general paper, laser technology can process all kinds of materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, rubber, glass, leather, ceramic and so on. Therefore, you can create your personalized business card with your ideal materials.

Recommended Model: Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine of HGLASER

Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine of HGLASER

As our star product, we introduce you the popular marking machine——Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine. This machine will attend the 116th Canton Fair Phase 1 on Oct.15-19, 2014.

Product Features
Online laser marking system series integrate advanced galvanometer laser marking technology with imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser. This marking machine is mainly used in marking Chinese characters, English characters, figures, batch numbers, production dates, LOGO, real time clock information and anti-counterfeiting.

Applicable Materials
It’s suitable for all kinds of nonmetals and some metals, such as paper, PVC, rubber, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, PET, HDPE, leather, etc. And it is widely used in packing boxes, packaging bags, films, food cans, glass bottles, drink bottles, HDPE bottles, cables, pipes and electronic components industries. With so many applied materials, the Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine of HGLASER is the optimal choice for creating your personalized business cards.

Marking Sample Display


Recommended Model: Continuous Fiber Laser Cutting Machine of HGLASER

HGLASER Continuous Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Adopted with superior fiber laser light source and the top configuration, HGLASER LCF series fiber laser cutting machine has beautiful and stable cuts, high stability and small size. It is suit for all kinds of sheet metals cutting, micro holes processing and metal parts precision cutting. Therefore, it makes perfect cutting effect while processing thin metal or wood business card and creates various patterns.

Cutting Sample Display