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Driverless Automobile Sweeps the World——Laser Technology Application in Automobile

2014-10-17 Back to list

For the past two years, American, Japanese and German automakers haveentered driverless automobile market in succession. It is reported that thedriverless automobiles of Audi, Benz and Google have got the permit license in California. However,there are still many difficulties exist, like rain, wind, lightening, trafficcontrol, real-time traffic and traffic jam. Driverless technology is not asingle technology, but a set of system or integrated technology. Laser radartechnique plays important role in this system.

Laser Radar Technique(Picture from the Network) 

Besides driverlessautomobile, normal cars use a lot of laser processing technology inmanufacturing. Below, let’s learn the most common laser processing equipment inautomobile manufacturing. 

1. Automobile BIW Roof Cover Automatic Laser Welding Machine

As the domestic first set of equipment automobile BIW (body in white)laser welding machine, the automobile roof panel laser welding flexibleproduction line of Farley Laserlab has broken the monopoly of foreign companiesin the field and filled the domestic blank. After many years of research andinnovation, is has been successfully applied to many monolithic weldingproduction lines. The welding speed can reach 4.8m/min, 30% faster than thesame type equipment in the world, and the price are 40% lower than foreign sametype production line. 

2. Automobile Airbag Inner Laser Welding Machine

Controlled by a gas generator, the airbag outbreakwill cause oxidizing reaction at the same time and generate a lot of gas, whichwould produce a burst. So, the requirement for airbag sealing is very strict.The automobile airbag inner laser welding machine of Farley Laserlab has largewelting depth (can reach 2~3mm), high welding strength, small heat affected zone and small weldingdeformation. Without welding rods or filling materials, it can produce pure andnon-polluting welding joints. 

3. Automobile Gear Laser Welding Machine

Automobile gear laser welding is a development trend. At present, theworld's automobile manufacturers have used the laser welding gear to replacetraditional welding methods, such as ERW (electric resistance welding),induction welding and EBM (electron beam welding). The laser gear welding canwork in non-vacuum. Without welding deformation,the gear has no need to befurther processed after welding. In addition, the welding joints have generalmechanical performance that is equivalent or superior to base metals, whichensures the larger torque transmission of gears. 

4. Automobile Bumper Laser Welding Machine

Automobile bumper is a special-shaped part. Traditional stamping methodis very complicated and will produce deformation and stress of parts. Withoutcomplicated fixture system, machining stress and distortion, the laser weldingmachine is more suitable for post processing and installation. 

5. Automobile Trunk Laser Welding Machine

Automobile trunk is composed of trunk lid and back panel. Braze weldingis the most appropriate method because of the 90-degree angles in shape.Adopted with MIG braze welding, the traditional method is difficult to form asmooth welding joint and will cause pollution. By contrast, laser braze weldinghas fast welding speed, good welding formations, stable quality, less meltingloss of galvanized layer and small deformation. 

6. Automobile Tailpipe Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding utilizes focused high-energy laser beam to melt andconnect materials, and form a good welding joint. Laser welding has fastwelding speed, small deformation, big penetration ratio, simple post-weldingtreatment and good welding quality. This machine can weld same or dissimilarmaterials, even refractory materials under all kinds of special circumstances. 

7. Automobile Gear Shifting Set Automatic Laser Cutting Machine

Adopted with fixed optical path design and double-bobbin disc feedingsystem, the automobile gear shifting set automatic laser cutting machine ofFarley has accurate and reliable parts clamping, high cutting quality and highprocessing precision. The processing efficiency can reach 400,000 pieces eachyear and bring high returns for customers. 

8. Automobile Airbag Panel Laser Weakening Machine

Equipped with automatic feeding laser processing, the automobile airbagpanel laser weakening machine combines robot technology with laser weakeningtechnology perfectly, and each technical index and performance of which hasreached advanced international level. This machine can control the remainingthickness, and the production time of an airbag panel is less than one minute. 

9. Flexible Label Laser Marking Machine 

The flexible label laser marking machine is widely used in automobileand household appliance industry. With abundant market experience and maturesolutions, it is the optimal model of flexible label marking.