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Immense Market Potential of High Power Laser Welding Machine in Aerospace

2014-10-25 140 Back to list
Recently, Farley Laserlab has officially changed company name to Wuhan Farley Laserlab Cutting Welding System Engineering Co., Ltd. As the World's specialist in cutting and welding technology, Farley Laserlab specialises in the engineering and development of advanced plasma, laser and drilling technologies for a wide variety of applications and industries. Farley Laserlab integrates laser welding technology with aeronautical manufacturing technology. As a mature technology, it has become an important method for light weight alloy jointing, modern aerospace structure manufacturing and the jointing of part of the engine components.

Laser Welding Machine of Farley Laserlab

In aerospace field, many parts are welded by electron beam. Due to the laser welding does not need to be done in a vacuum, currently laser welding is replacing electron beam. For a long time, the jointing of aircraft structural parts has been using outdated riveting process. The main reason is that the aluminum alloy of aircraft structure is heat treatment reinforced aluminum alloy, which is easy to lose heat treatment strengthening effect while welding. However, laser welding technology can overcome this problem, not only simplify the manufacturing process of airframe, but also reduce airframe weight 18%, and reduce costs 21.4% to 24.3%.

Integrating laser technology, welding technology, automation technology, material technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and product designing, laser welding technology is a comprehensive technology. With the constant development and progress of laser source, fiber laser and disc laser have come out. The emergence of new laser brings more stable beam quality and larger power. Myriawatt laser provides wider application space for laser welding, and creates breakthrough for thicker materials jointing and laser welding of high reflectivity metal materials. Therefore, high power must become the main direction of laser welding technology development and application in the future.