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What happened in 2015 for Laser Manufacture in China? (Part Two)

Key Words: Korean laser market, New Material Laser Application, laser marking  traceability system,leading laser marking application provider

Maybe you are seeking clients for your laser marking machine, or you are in need of machine to cut your stainless steel plate, or you are looking for a robot hand to efficient your production line. Then you can miss the following explorations and achievements in 2015. HGLASER leads you to know more about world laser market.

More New Clients


On January, foreign market department stepped on the ground of Dubai to attend the exhibition SteelFAB 2015, and then won the trust of customers from Middle East. Apart from that, HGLASER has broken into markets in many other countries and regions in the world.

A Great Breakthrough in Korean Market

Concentrate on the market demand and customer preferences, FARLEY LASERLAB has made its way towards Korean middle and high-end market. The laser cutting machines from FARLEY LASERLAB, enjoying excellent working efficiency and stability, managed to occupy the market for middle-thick metal plate processing. 

Korean laser cutting machine
The high power fiber laser cutting machines, especially Pipe cutting machine, are particularly outstanding in Korea market. No matter for laser marking for 3C industries, or laser cutting and welding for metal processing, FARLEY LASERLAB become more superior than ever before.

New Material Laser Application

With more and more applications in 3C industries and semiconductor industry, HGLASER have reaped significant achievements and trust from customers and market. 

laser cutting for ceramic, wafer, sapphire,glass

The past year witnessed the our great endeavor conquering the market of laser cutting for brittle material, such as ceramic, wafer, sapphire,glass. It has provide customized solutions for the company for their key products, such as smart phone components and other electronic devices.

New Combination
aser marking  traceability system

HGLASER, integrated traceability system with the power of Internet Plus, in the past 12 months, has established instructive cooperation with many famous food manufacturers to built a laser marking  traceability system for food information, which has been used in various fields for domestic consumption industries.

Into New Industries
laser marking machinehousehold appliances laser marking
Being always sensitive to trends of laser market, HGLASER become the leading laser marking application provider for electrical appliance manufacturing by joining hands with Midea, one of the world leading household appliances manufacturer. 

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