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HGLASER’s Intelligent Solutions for Industrial Transformation---Dialogues with Qin from HG AUTOMATION SUZHOU

2017-01-13 193 Back to list
Key Words: Intelligent Manufacturing, laser automation solution, laser equipment manufacturer

As to concept“Intelligent Manufacturing”launched on Laser World of Photonics China last month by Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Company, OFweek Laser has made an exclusive interview to  Mr. Qin, general manager from Suzhou HuaGong Automation Technology Company, a wholly-owned subsidiaries of Wuhan HuaGong Laser Engeneering Company(HGLASER). Qin talked about HG’s active involvement in intelligent manufacturing layout for laser processing and application in a new light.


Could you  briefly introduce the application of your key products for the Laser World of Photonics this year?

Qin: The key products on this Laser World of Photonics covered automotive processing equipments for the whole production chains, displaying the laser application of automobile manufacturing as well as electronics laser solutions.

HGLASER has its own advantage for providing a complete set of laser solutions for intelligent manufacturing and massive automotive production. For laser application, HGLASER has made great progress in the fields such as automotive manufacturing, electronics production lines, especially for smart phone and  tablet PC production.

BIW Intelligent Automatic Laser Welded Body Frame
BIW Intelligent Automatic Laser Welded Body Frame

Congratulations for HGLASER being the winner of national progress award for science and technology on 8th Jan.We are very interested in your efforts to make it.

Qin: HGLASER, cooperating with the academy HUST, five famous automobile companies and world leading mechanical enterprises, like Farley Laserlab and HAPM, got the award by the project of Core Technology and Complete Equipment for Advanced Laser Welding and Cutting in Automobile Manufacturing. 

The project has realized 5 great initiation in global automotive manufacturing under 12-year efforts, with many of its tech items surpassing global industrial standards.BIW Intelligent Automatic Laser Welding production line,which is competent to finish welding within one minute,combined quick body positioning,laser brazing and transfer robots in mixed-line production, by 30% speed increase, 40% tech cost decrease,and 30% body rigidity increase. 

Thanks to the application of his technology, it has broken the monopoly of foreign companies in the field and filled the domestic blank, realizing the ground-breaking advancement for Chinese automobile industry.

HGLASER intelligent manufacturing

We have learned that the laser solution in the international market are prone to be more intelligence-integrated,however many Chinese manufacturers provide relatively simplex solutions.Then how about HGLASER’s strategy in the global competitive? 

Chinese manufacturing industry has experienced the Industry 3.0 to 4.0, the current intelligent laser solutions are gradually improved. HGLASER has launched workstations, technical units and integrated production lines, which will be brought into the comprehensive laser automatic solution all together with automatic robot and machine vision system.

As to the intelligent manufacturing strategy, HGLASER’s intelligent cloud platforms have extended to the product information trace and track system for food package and automobile spare parts.Besides, the cloud platform will be conducive to the intelligent distribution according to customers’ need by analyzing the current market demand.

With consistent efforts to professional laser processing solutions for complete production chains, HGLASER progress with innovative endeavor and keen observation for laser equipment manufacturing and laser application.

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