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Reasons for HGLASER To Be Hot on Electronica India

2016-09-24 203 Back to list
Do you in need of getting high-quality marks on PCB or electric components, then you cannot miss HGLASER’s PCB laser marking machines. With the expanding market in southeast Asia, Huagong Laser, or HGLASER has become more and more familiar to many electronics manufacturers. This year, HGLASER has brought its new laser marking solutions for PCB industry on Electronica India.

electronica india

PCB Laser Marking Machine LCA/ LAB Series is an online compact automatic board marking system that utilizes the latest manipulators, interfaced with advanced CCD camera positioning technology to enable accurate high-speed marking. PCB Laser Marking Machine is capable of marking human readable characters, bar code and 2D matrix directly on the substrate such as PCB or other electronic components.
Visitors’ Attention on the LIVE PCB Laser Marking
Visitors’ Attention on the LIVE PCB Laser Marking 

Visitors are quite interest in price and efficiency

As to its capability towards different panels, customers are satisfied with HGLASER’s PCB Laser Marking Machine, for it can handle not only a large panel, but can also multiple smaller designs on a single panel. The 20 watts fiber laser wavelength is ideal for PCB marking. HGLASER has the fastest CO2/fiber PCB laser machines in the world which translates to cost savings and quick turn-around times for our customers.

Professional  PCB Laser Marking Engineers

Professional  PCB Laser Marking Engineers

HGLASER takes customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing seriously and strives to live up to its motto–Focus every possibility. 

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