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Intelligent Laser Manufacturing Solution on 2016 OVC EXPO

2016-11-11 152 Back to list
The 13th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum was held in Wuhan International Expo Centre. As the first exhibitor of showing intelligent factory , HGLaser has shown intelligent solution on the basis of laser processing technology. As the picture below, a coding detection machine is marking bar code on the bottle cap with the speed of 3600 pieces per minute with HGLASER's online laser marking system

hglaser 2016 OVC EXPO

HGLASER Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line can achieve work order inputting, cap sorting, online laser marking, product detecting, label detecting and defective products eliminating .The traditional way of labeling is inefficient, but laser marking can solve this problem. The automatic online laser marking solution help daily products manufacturers enhance working efficiency.

hglaser intelligent production lineIntelligent Supervising & Remote Operating

Intelligent Supervising & Remote Operating

Intelligent Production Line has the strength of intelligent supervising and remote operating ,that is , supervising production data , machine operating constantly and solving any potential problems during working promptly.

hglaser intelligent laser marking

With the mission of intelligent manufacturing, smart supervising and world union, HGLaser has provided solution for SIEMENS, MENGNIU, AMWAY, GUJING, WISSUM and DALI .

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