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Laser Marking Achieves Effective Auto Parts Tracking

2016-11-22 Back to list

As the earliest among laser equipment company set foot in automotive manufacturing, HGLASER has implanted strong database support and networking into laser marking software to meet the demand of Chinese auto parts enterprises. The integrated laser marking system realize complete tracking of tag information database for automotive OEMs and parts manufacturers.

Laser marking application for auto parts tracking: flexible 3D laser marking bar code and QR code

Bar code or QR code marking has become hot technology for product traceability, which is fully applicable to all types of auto parts.To meet the traceability requirements, the early processing mainly relys on the serial number surface marking. Until the birth of the bar code, laser marking was quickly integrated with it into the identification of automotive components.But the problem of limited information storage and low fault tolerance were finally solved until the birth of QR code technology.

 auto parts laser marking

Automotive components tracking is achieved through the working of product marking database. Differs from the manual input and searching methods, laser marking database has brought a whole new model to industrial production. Thanks to the integration of computer control, automatically generation and searching of laser making database has become a easy task.

The laser marking machines are competent to mark an incredible array of materials with a wide range of possible effects. Many different materials are used in auto parts production. By using lasers marking on body and spare parts there is no additional pre-/post-treatment necessary, and all markings are durable and abrasion-resistant.

Rear putter painted surface
Rear putter painted surface

No matter with fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines or 3D laser marking machine, the laser marking integrated production line will be more effective in products identification and tracking, which guarantees flawless quality assurance.

 Fiber Laser Marking Machines for Plastic MaterialsUV Laser Marking Machines for Metal Materials

Fiber Laser Marking Machines for Plastic Materials                  UV Laser Marking Machines for Metal Materials

Laser marking solutions for auto parts 
  3D auto parts laser marking
3D Auto Parts Laser Marking Machine 

● High precision of 3D positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, short pulse, high-peak power and HPRF;
● The friendly operation interface with many file formats, such as dxf, plt, cnc, step, iges, etc;
● High electro-optic conversion efficiency, long life and easy maintenance;
● Fast marking speed and high processing efficiency.
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