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3D Laser Cutting Machine, Beyond your Expectations

2017-03-16 Back to list
3D laser cutting machine utilizes the advantage of the flexibility and performance of the robot .According to the size of the processing workpiece, in order to teach-programming or offline-programming different tracks on different products ,the robot can be installed correctly or inversely .The robot´s sixth axis loaded fiber laser cutting head is also able to do the 3D cutting on the irregular processing workpiece.
3d laser cutting machine

3D fiber laser cutting machine works with auxiliary gas is 99,99% oxygen ,can greatly improve the precision of the cutting ,speed and cross section . 3D Fiber laser cutting quality is affected by following factors :

● Tthe power of the laser machine
● The pressure and purity of the auxiliary pressure
● Focal length of the cutting head
● The thickness of the processing workpiece
● Robot´s module positioning accuracy of the demonstrating track and offline programming
● Robot´s repeat accuracy of the path , repeat positioning accuracy and speed

3d laser cutter

3D Fiber Laser Cutter is extensively used for Automobile manufacturing,engineering machinery,metal-plate processing and aerospace industry etc . The successful application of HG Farley 3D Fiber laser cutting machine has gained huge market effect in the domestic automobile manufacturing ,auto-parts and engineering machinery processing field. We also resonate a professional reputation among the customers.
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