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FARLEY LASERLAB’s Automatic Laser Welding Solutions for Auto White Body

2016-12-30 Back to list

FARLEY LASERLAB’s laser welding system promotes the efficiency and quality of automobile body manufacturing. Automatic laser welding system serves for integration of the main auto production line. It works for the body assembly by bonding together the heated stamping body parts, or directly assemble the parts with heating and forcing. The laser welding system is applied  in automatic laser welding production line for white body manufacturing and laser welding of outer plate of side-wall, top cover, top beam,.etc.

FARLEY LASERLAB’s Automatic Laser Welding Solutions for Auto White Body


1.Higher Welding Efficiency 

Average repeating time of laser welding is between 0.4-0.8s. It increases 2-3 times efficiency esp for solder joint dense areas compared with common spot welding. Compared with the traditional Arc welding speed of 8-15mm/s , the laser brazing speed can reach 120mm/s or even higher.

2.Full-automatic Processing 

Laser head possess seam tracking function and automatic focusing function.

3.Stable Performance 

Stable wire feeding system with efficient wire welding process.

4. Reducing body weight 

Laser welding reduces relevant cover size parts by reducing overlap areas. It is able to reduce body weight each car 40kg less.

5. Increased Welding strength

Strength of laser welded parts can be increased more than 70% over conventional ones.Power min:4000w  max:6000w

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