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Laser Applications in PCB Industry

2017-01-16 Back to list

About Laser Marking

· Surfacematerial is vaporized or changedcolor by laser, and left apermanent mark.
· Applicablefor text, drawings with low heat affecting. High precision, low costs, easy tooperate and no pollution.
· Lasermarking is becoming a stable processing technology, and used widely inelectronics production.

· Full-Automation   PK       · Manual Work      

· High Efficiency      PK     · Low Efficiency

· No Consumables   PK   · Consumables Cost

· High Precision   PK · Low Precision

· Stable Quality   PK · Instable Quality

· Permanent Marked   PK · Label Fastness

· Environmen Friendly   PK  · Pollution 

Costs Comparison

For 4-pcs PCB, laser marker is producing 600k pcs permonth, equavilent to 2-3 laborer efficiency.

Processing Type Laser Marking Paper Label
Laborer Non 2-3
Labor Cost Non 100-150k RMB/Year
Consumables Non Label Paper,Ink.
Consum. Cost Non 300k RMB/Year

Equipment Feature

· Standard config.CO2 laser, optional for fiber, UV or Green laser.
· Automatic markingwith high precision and efficiency CCD positioning system, and able to checkthe codes after marking process.
· Conveyer toconnect with SMT production line or with offline components feeder.
· Friendly HMI, andeasy to operate. Applicable toconnect with the user's own data system.
· Customized designis possible.

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