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Custerized Your PCB Laser Processing Business

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Laser marking is becoming a stable processing technology, and used widely inelectronics production.PCB laser marking machine is applicable for text, drawings with low heat affecting. High precision, low costs, easy tooperate and no pollution.The surface material is vaporized or changedcolor by laser, and left apermanent mark.

Product Introduction

Two laser headsto mark on both sides of PCB, load and unload the plate with vacuum sucker in   two   feedingline. 
CT:500mm×500mm PCB, marking on both side, 2 marks oneach side,4 seconds per PCB. 

Technical Feature

Two workplaces switching mode,and to mark on both sides at sametime with two laser heads.
Vacuum sucker does no demage to PCB plate.
Devicesize: 2300mm*1900mm*1600mm.

          Offline Production PCB laser marking  Online Production pcb laser marking

                                                                   Offline Production                                                                   Online Production

Software Features :

1. Friendly HMI, fast programming,coordinates template editable with the imported information.
2.Positioning automaticly with thefeature points on PCB, and able to recognize the 2 sides of the PCB.
3.Download mark data automaticly frominformation system.
4.Check the barcode after marking andfeedback the information.
5.Waste PCB recognition andavoid to remark.
6.Real time display the marking results,and output the production statistical data.

Software Features

PCB laser processing software

Customized laser pcb Equipment

HGLASER provides customized equipment for PCB laser processing.

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