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PCB Laser System for Electronic Inner Parts Marking

2017-03-23 Back to list
HGTECH provides PCB laser marking performance tailored to your needs in a high- performance, reliable and cost-effective package for marking or etching codes /numbers/logos on PCB. The laser system is designed to mark and verify data matrix symbology as well as other machine code formats, man-readable text, and graphic images. Adjustable width through-conveyor and programmable mark locations accommodate panels of virtually any size and array configuration.

HGTECH PCB laser marking system is available with a wide variety of water-cooled CO2 and solid-state lasers, including a fiber laser to mark almost any board substrate material and coating combination, normally without requiring a preprinted ink block.

2D barcode on gilded parts

The in-line through conveyor laser system provides fully automated, unattended marking operation in all SMEMA-compliant assembly lines or in stand-alone work cells using automated board loaders/unloaders.

2D barcode on white solder mask

Advantages of HGTECH PCB laser marking system :
• It requires no extra processe, no inks against conventional printing;
• The non-contact processing protects the sensitive parts from mechanical stress;
• It aids you in inventory control and part tracking;
• It allows to mark a repeatable mark or a sequential number;
• It can be added to your automated manufacturing line. 

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