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LT Series, Greater Cutting Tool for Tube Processing

2017-04-12 Back to list
HGTECH offers a LT series tube laser cutting machine that delivers large tube 3D flexibility to cut a variety of shapes including round, square, I-beam and other structural applications. It is designed to increase productivity, simplify and strengthen component assembly and improve component tolerances through more precise laser-cutting. 
 LT series tube laser cutting machine

The HGTECH LT7535/9035 laser tube cutting system consolidates different operations into one working cycle on a single machine.HGTECH Laser Tube Cutting machines are designed to cut any hole on tubes of different sections, in a fully programmed automatic cycle, thus eliminating all traditional sawing, deburring, drilling, lining-up and removal operations carried out on conventional machines.

Traditional fixed costs of punches, tools,clamps, prints and masks are completely eliminated from the specific CAD 3D programming to manage laser tube/pipe cutting operations and from the laser beam as a universal tool.
tube laser cutting machine

Laser tube cutting has brought significant process and economic benefits to the fabrication and assembly of mechanical tubing into a wide range of applications.These benefits are found in three primary areas:

• Improvements in productivity compared to conventional processes.
• Better fittings, simpler and easily accessible fittings and assembly fixturing.
• The high efficiency of the process and its broad flexibility reduce the time to market new products.

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