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Do Not Miss HGTECH on PACKEX 2017

2017-05-09 92 Back to list
HGTECH will attend PACKEX 2017 this May. We will on the show at Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Ontario, providing you the most professional automatic marking solution to you packing production line! On PACKEX 2017, HGTECH will provide the advanced online laser marking solution for packaging industry. The online laser marking application will also be on live! Do Not Miss HGTECH  on PACKEX 2017.

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PACKEX is the largest packaging event in Ontario. It covers the latest innovations, processes, and techniques that can enhance your projects, including digital printing, flexible packaging, adhesives, print and apply labelers, blister packaging, and automation.Connect with other packaging professionals and leading suppliers from across the industry. Whatever your focus, PACKEX gives you a single destination to discover everything you need to take projects to market, faster and cheaper.

HGTECH has done great performance by providing laser processing application and solution for packing industries.The automatic laser marking system may mark serial number, QRcode, pattern on your packaging material, helping you improve marking efficient in safe and perment way.

Product on Display: Online Laser Marking System

online laser marking machine


● Anti-counterfeiting effect isobvious, uniquemarkingvisual effects,clear and permanent, can not erase orchanges
● Instant coding, high-speed non-stoplaser marking, high production efficient and flexible production
● Can print serial number, QRcode, pattern, etc,IPC control and powerfulprocessing and communication capability
● One-time investment, no consumablesand additional cost
3.Aplicable Material
● There are different laser typeslike fiber,Co2,UV,Green light, suitable for most of the materials

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