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Automobile Industry Laser Application Solution

White Body Laser Welding System

• Reduce body weight, each car saves 40kg steel. 30% faster welding speed, 40% price decreases, and 30% BIW stiffness promoted.
• Laser welding speed reaches to 5m/min, and efficiency increases by 6 times.
• First Chinese laser brand applied in automobile welding production lines.
• Has got the first prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

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JKH Laser Welding Machine for Auto Parts

• Automatic feeding system, customized frock clamp
• Output of over 1 million pieces per year
• Fiber laser source and welding head from USA or Germany
• High quality pneumatic component from Japan

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Auto Flexible Label Laser Marking Machine

It makes life cycle management of auto information possible, by giving every auto parts unique ID.
• Permanent laser marking, impossible to be tampered with
• Marking labels with high temperature and chemical resistance
• Cost savings, flexibly processing, with no inventory

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3D Dynamic Focusing Laser Marking Machine

• work on 3D sculptured surface without defocus
• With 3D vibrating mirror and dynamic programming
• High precision of 3D positioning technology
• With friendly operation interface and easy maintenance
• High electro-optic conversion efficiency and fast marking speed
• Suitable for 3D auto parts and mould marking

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As the first laser equipment manufacturer and solution provider for automobile manufacturing in China, HGTECH has committed to serving for automobile manufacturing.
We successfully developed BIW laser welding system,3D panel laser cutting and welding system for production line, automobile airbag panel laser weakening system, auto airbag laser welding machine, automatic gear shifting laser cutting and welding machine ,etc.


Our project of Laser Welding and Cutting in Automobile Manufacturing got the first prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.
With 15 years' research and innovation, this machine, enjoying the world records in laser welding for five times and 26 patents, has been successfully used in the welding production lines of more than 300 automobile brands.


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