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Automatic PCB Laser Marking and Depaneling Solution

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HGTECH is the leading manufacturer of fabricating equipment and industrial lasers in China. We offer our customers innovative, high-quality products and solutions in the areas of sheet metal processing, laser-based production processes and electronic applications.


The most efficient way for PCB marking

HGTECH Laser Marking Machine LCA Click for More

HGTECH provides PCB laser marking performance tailored to your needs in a high- performance, reliable and cost-effective package for marking or etching codes /numbers/logos on PCB.


Advantages of HGTECH PCB laser marking system :
· It requires no extra processe, no inks against conventional printing;

· The non-contact processing protects

the sensitive parts from mechanical stress;

· It aids you in inventory control and part tracking;
· It allows to mark a repeatable mark or a sequential number;
· It can be added to your automated manufacturing line.

Industrial PCB Laser Cutting/Depaneling

HGTECH Laser FPC cutting machineClick for More

HGTECH PCB laser cutting/depaneling system brings you higher throughput, with lower costs of tooling and waste removal.


As the PCB get smaller,flexible, and more sophisticated, mechanical depaneling methods produce much mechanical stress to the parts.


The laser non-contact depaneling method provides a highly precise way of singulation without any risks of harming sensitive circuitry, regardless of substrate.