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Meet HGTECH at Laser World of Photonics Munich

2017-06-30 130 Back to list
     The Laser World of PHOTONICS was held in Munich from June 26 to 29, 2017, at International Congress Center. As a leader in China's laser industry, HG laser attended this exhibition with the dream of "Let the Chinese laser technology shining the world stage".
      The world is currently facing a new round of industrial revolution, "Made in China" will really enter the millennium, "Intelligent Manufacturing" is becoming a new direction for transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing industry. As a leading Chinese manufacturer in laser industry, HG Laser is aiming to provide leading laser processing solutions in all areas, combining laser processing with automation and intelligence to implement “Intelligent Manufacturing". The time in Munich, HG laser represented its aim which is "Leading Chinese intelligent manufacturing to move forward".

      The LASER World of PHOTONICS is a professional exhibition in optoelectronic components, systems and applications, it is the only exhibition of optoelectronic solutions  in the world.

        With the arrival of industrial 4.0 and the in-depth promotion of " made in china 2025" , HG Laser raised a company vision of " Provide leading technology and services for industry internet," in order to comfort industrial transformation, Meanwhile, HG Laser lay out the intelligent manufacturing and IoT positively, in order to respond the company's development strategy, January 1, 2016, HG Laser announced its new logo. 

       This time, HG Laser appears in the world stage with a brand-new image, implements the connotation of " made in china 2025", for higher glory in manufacturing, leads Chinese intelligent manufacturing to move forward.
        How to implement processing of brittle and flexible material? How to achieve a perfect processing effect in different kinds of precision applications? HG Laser presents "Laser processing solutions in electric industry" , enables a new milestone in the electronics manufacturing industry, help electronics manufacturing to a higher end.

       HG Laser committed to providing leading laser processing solutions , enhancing the international competitiveness and realizing intelligentization and light-weighting for automotive manufacturing. The "Automotive industry laser intelligent manufacturing applications" solution fully demonstrates its application in intelligent laser cutting industry and precision laser marking in automobile industry.        As a pioneer and leader of Chinese laser application industry, HG Laser is renowned in the world. During this exhibition, HG laser also attracted professional customers all over the world, to negotiate and discuss.

       Meanwhile, HG Laser organized a series of Live shows with a theme of  "Intelligent manufacturing", which involves: intelligent laser solution in electric industry, laser processing in automobile industry, laser intelligent manufacturing and so on.

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