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HGLaser Laser marking solution for Counterfeiting goods

2017-10-28 Back to list
Counterfeiting goods have always been a cancer of commercial development and also a widespread problem in the world. However, many foreign institutions around the issue of counterfeiting in China repeatedly made a fuss, even accuse China of "global counterfeiting goods distribution center"
Some time ago, European Interpol and the European Union Intellectual Property Office published the Report of the EU on counterfeiting and piracy in 2017,the report claims that Mainland China is the world's largest counterfeiting goods production country ,and Hong Kong is the largest transit point, which accounts for a 86% of the global share of counterfeiting goods in total.

Although the "global counterfeiting goods distribution center" argument is too exaggerated, but counterfeiting problem does exist in China. Especially in recent years, the rise of the E - commerce, counterfeiting problem has always been a major pain point. How to solve counterfeiting goods completely? How to create a healthy consumption market? These dilemmas become common problems for both business and government.

In order to curb this phenomenon from the source, many companies began to use online laser marking machine, which takes use of high-energy density of the laser on the product packaging for local exposure, so that the material surface vaporizes or color changes, and the production date, security code, two-dimensional code and other information are engraved permanently on the packaging. Many merchants can not change the laser mark information freely and thresholds of fake and shoddy imitations greatly improve.At the same time, through marking the two-dimensional code on product surface, company can establish a two-dimensional code traceability system so that every commodity traceable. Consumers can easily verify the authenticity of health care products with no worries. According to the different packaging materials, the applicable marking machine is also different. Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for metal material marking; CO2 laser marking machine can be applied to paper, PVC, HDPE, etc,it is also widely used in the box, bags and other fields. UV laser marking machine can be applied to the scene with higher marking effect requirements and has incomparable advantage in the special material fine marking field because of its small focused spot.HGLaser Flying series of online laser marking machines can meet the needs of different materials and are equipped with professional industrial lasers to ensure faster marking and marking consistency, so the machines can meet the needs of industrial mass production.

An effective way to solve the counterfeiting problem is to establish a perfect traceability system. It is believed that there will be more and more enterprises choosing laser marking to assign a unique identity card on product so that products can be traced and identified.