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Good Value and Best Choice—— HGLaser HGLaser Co. Ltd. MARVEL6000 Laser Cutting Machine

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    On September 9, 2017, the "MARVEL6000 Series CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine New Product Launch and Customer Experience Meeting" hosted by HGLaser was successfully held in Wuhan. As one of the most important and authoritative suppliers of industrial laser processing and application solutions in China, HGLaser adheres to the concept of "higher glory for manufacturing", which leads the development of China's laser industrialization step by step.

Site of Activity

On September 1, 2017, we launched MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber lasercutting machine to make another leap in laser cutting technology. 

Annual Star Product

Equipment Name: MARVEL6000 

Launch Day: September 1, 2017

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Equipment Introduction: The MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine is a high performance laser cutting product, which is produced by HGLaser, for the clients of processing station with the need of upgrading laser cutting equipment. It has the unique function of ultra-high cost performance, the technology of core light source and low maintenance cost, which can solve the problem of high cost of investment of growth customer and high cost of equipment maintenance.

Recommended reason:

● The core light source is manufactured independently, and the maintenance and procurement costs are reduced by 15% to 20%.

● High-speed cutting(600 holes / minute )

● Meet the material processing needs of all metal materials.

 ● One of the mainstream purchase models of upgrading market. 

Product Introduction

Li bin, general manager of the equipment office of HGLaser:

HGLaser, as the pioneer of laser industry, join hands with world class fiber laser manufacturer Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology, will apply "China Light" to the new generation of MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine. Its emergence heralds the end of the era of high power laser cutting in the pure assembly of imported technologies, which will sweep the globe with high power laser cutting equipment with Chinese genes!

The MARVEL6000 series of new generation CNC fiber laser cutting machine will serve the world to witness the power of "made in China" with outstanding quality and rapid lightning service.

Technical Presentations

    Under the guidance of Deng Jiake, the general manager of HGLaser, the industry customers visited the exhibition hall and the application technology center of HGLaser. Mr. Deng introduces the development history, industrial structure and future development direction of HGLaser. The clients have a detailed understanding of the application field of laser technology and shows a keen interest in advanced laser processing. 

Technology Sharing

    From the present situation and the development trend of the application of high-power laser processing to MARVEL6000 series of new products and the analysis of  high-power laser technology of Ruike Fiber Laser Technology, HGLaserers and the present industry elite shared the forefront laser cutting technology and discussed the development trend of high power laser processing in the future.

Live Experience

    The new product cutting demonstration activity is carried out on the spot, and the customer experiences the magic charm of the MARVEL6000 series. HGLaser MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts the core light source to manufacture independently, and the maintenance cost and purchasing cost are reduced by 15% to 20%. 

Reviews of Clients:

Mr. Cheng(wuhan) : For the first time in 2009, we purchased the equipment of HGLaser. Now, i’m excited about the products released today, it is faster than other products with a better work continuity and higher cutting quality.   

Mr. Zhao(Xuzhou): From the first laser equipment purchased in 2008, we have already purchased eight units of HGLaser this year, of which three plasma equipment of HGLaser are being used in Brazil. I have confidence in HGLaser. It is our common wish to have our own sources of light and autonomous equipment and push China's intelligence to the world. This is a landmark. 

Mr. Tan(Changsha): Today is the first time I came to Haser, i got a friend who is using the equipment of HGLaser and recommend me to check it out. In the past, regardless of cost or localization services, the foreign light source are widely used in the market. However, I believe that the domestic light source will be the direction of development in the future.

    At this point, the "MARVEL6000 Series of New product Launches and Customer Experience Meeting" activities have been successfully held. The atmosphere is very hot, some customers even sign the bill on the spot.

    With this opportunity, the HGLaser has demonstrated the remarkable cutting technology of MARVEL6000 series of new products, which provides a new laser processing solution for customers of traditional manufacturing industries. Exquisite technology, leading products and excellent service have opened up more space for future cooperation and provided a better platform.

    Through continuous technology accumulation, HGLaser is constantly innovating in terms of devices, equipment and applications, and is committed to providing solutions of whole industry chain of laser in the context of intelligent manufacturing to create more value for customers.

    We will also carry out customer appreciation in all regions of the country. Stay tuned!