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Black technology-- laser marking

2017-12-21 Back to list
    We all know that in the process of people's lifeand construction, there are many kinds of pipes and cables with many verticaland horizontal links, and their functions are often easy to be confused. Previously, tags were made by marking orlabeling ink on the outside. However, these pipes and cables, once laid out,can be used for a long time and may often need to face the harshestenvironments, so they can hardly stand the test of time. 
    "These cables, once laid, will not change in afew years or even decades, and most of our cables are bare or under theground." the bureau's installer told us.  
     "In the past, we used ink-jet labels, or labels,which caused a lot of unnecessary inconveniences due to their frequent wear andtear, and now users are asking for permanent marks that will not fall off andwill not come off." The person in chargeof a cable production base in Wuhan told us: "The cables that were laterproduced were laser-marked. The new technology is good! The marks are clear andpermanent, and there is no pollution or wear."

▲Cable with inkjet mark

▲Cable with outside mark

▲Cable with laser marking
     Another pipe production company in an interview, showed us the lasermarking PPR pipe.
▲HGTECH online laser printer used in PPR pipe

▲HGTECH online laser printer used in wire and cable

    As can be seen, the above mark contrast is high, no touch, no explosionpoint, very clear. "We are using Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd ‘s(Hereinafterreferred to as "HGLaser") online laser printers, which are capable ofhigh-speed automated operation and are easy to operate, fast to label, and moreproductive than ever!" HGLaser is a leading player in the industry.Earlier, the online laser printer was praised by customers for its "FlyingSeries" because of its "flying" markup speed.
    At present, some developed countries in the world have regarded lasermarking technology as a process standard for industrial processing. Our countryalso attaches great importance to this technology. The State Science andTechnology Commission has listed this technology as the "August 5 Torch Plan"for research and promotion. This black technology has now attracted theattention of more and more domestic manufacturers!

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