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The star of marking industry——HGLaser Online Fiber Laser Marking Machine

2017-12-27 Back to list

    Comparingwith the traditional marking machine, laser marking has the followingcharacteristics: 

    1.  Easy to operate, fast marking,clear, permanent

    2.  Non-contact processing, small pollution, no wear, nodeformation

    3.  Be able to achieve high-speed automated operation, productionefficiency, low cost and so on. 

    The online fiber laser marking machine, released by Wuhan HG Laser Engineering Co.(Hereinafter referred to as “HGLaser”), is praised by customers as "flying series"for its fast marking speed. It is widely used invarious industries ,and it helps a large number of well-known enterprises toprovide an excellent coding scheme. Now, the online fiber laser marking machine has become the first choice of many manufacturers totransform and upgrade production lines.

    This series of products includes three major models,"optical fiber", "CO2" and "semiconductor UV",which can meet the needs of almost any industry. A large number of enterpriseshave replaced the original ink-jet printing methods in industries such as food,beverage, wine, daily chemical, building materials, electronic appliances,automobiles and peripherals, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals .Then, they choose tocooperate with HGLaser and adapt "Flying Series" fiber lasermarking machine.

    At the same time, under harsh production conditions, the series of themachines can maintain stability and meet the needs of a variety of packagingmaterials. With many advantages, "flyingseries" online fiber laser marking machines have become the industry's mostcompetitive products! HGLaser, after years of precipitation, already hasrich  industry's experience, and it occupiesin the forefront of the field of multiple two-dimensional code mark.

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