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The Most Powerful Machine - Laser Cutting Machine

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    After years of development, Chinese laser cutting technology and equipment startfrom scratch, which has gradually formed a certain industrial scale. Because of its speed, high precision and good cutting quality, laser cutting machine has penetrated into all industry, helping the development of Chinese manufacturing industry.

     High-power laser cutting machine

    High-power laser cutting machine is widely used in metal processing. For carbon steel, stainless steel and other common metal sheet, it can achieve fast cutting speed, and can keep the section smooth. The thick metal plate will be hard to cut. So users choose the laser cutting machine should be based on the actual needs.
    Cutting stainless steeland carbon steel is the most common application for high-power laser cutting machines. In the best cutting state, stainless steel can be cut to 23mm , while the carbon steel plate can reach 35mm. However, to achieve the best cutting speed and precision, the cutting thickness of stainless steel needs to be under 16mm.

MARVEL6000 CNC fiber laser cutting machine’s cutting sample

    Low-power laser cutting machine

     Low-power laser cutting machine can perfectly cut carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and alloy, copper and alloy,titanium and alloy, nickel-molybdenum alloy and other materials, but also can be used for laser drilling of integrated circuit ceramic substrate and mark.You can also easily process materials that the traditional tools can not process, such as glass, ceramics, wafers and other brittle materials, as well as fabrics, leather, rubber, etc., and to achieve any graphics processing.

     With the continuous development of Chinese ability in technology research and development, the quality, efficiency and cost of low-power laser cutting have been significantly improved. At present, the application of low-power laser cuttinghas been extended to 3C electronic products, aerospace, automotive,shipbuilding, instrumentation electronics, mechanical and electrical products,lighting, household appliances, precision parts and other industries.

    (1) In general, we use fiber laser cutting machine to process thin sheet material, which is used in IT industry, automotive, LED, precision machinery and other industries.
HGLaser fiber laser cutting machine

    (2)Leather, electronic paper, PCB, composites and other materials’ processing.

HGLaser CO2 laser cutting machine

        (3) Ceramics, acrylic board, advertising decoration and craft gift’s cutting

HGLaser CO2 laser cutting machine for Ceramic drilling

(4)PCB, FPC,R4, cover film, ITO, silicon, ceramics and other products of laser precision cutting.
HGLaser FPC laser cutting machine for FPC cutting

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