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Portable Become A Trend

HGLaser Marking Machine is Small and Nice

2018-01-30 Back to list
    In recent years, from laptops, digital cameras to cars, white goods, portable devices have become the trend of many industries, laser equipment is no exception.
    With the popularity of laser technology, the need to use laser marking machine becomes more and more.However, the traditional equipment because of its size, high cost, the operatorhas strict technical requirements, it is difficult to meet the requirements of rapid marking, portable marking machine came into being.
   In response to this demand, HGLaser has developed a series of featured products that are compact,flexible, and superior.

Hand-held lasermarking machine LSF-H
      Hand-held marking machine is small and flexible, the marking head and hair dryer are similar in size, hand marking head for marking operations will be very convenient, without space constraints.

Suitcase laser marking machine LSF-B
     The device is characterized by its small size, and it can be placed in the trunk of the car,easy handling, even in the narrow workplace can work.

      Portable models have  fiber laser marking machine’s high speed, high quality and cost-effective.Let's see what they can do.

1. Auto parts marking, marking car labels 
      Laser logo’s contrastis good, the surface smoothly and precision highly, so it make the product look more advanced.

2. 3C parts marking 

      It is not difficult to see from the application field that the portable model can hold perfectly both for the metal parts and the plastic parts. Using high-quality fiber laser and high-stability galvanometer system, it can easily meet most common laser marking applications.

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