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A New Way of Manufacturing Glass Crafts

2018-03-05 37 Back to list

        Glass is a kind of brittle material, which has been widely used in electronic, instrument, building, medical, chemical, household, and nuclear engineering etc. Glass products have been very popular around the world. Glass exists everywhere from the daily use bottle to the big glass curtain wall on the street. 

        With the improvement of people's living standard, glass crafts are becoming more and more popular. The ordinary glass products are given more expectations, not only as tools but also beautiful decorations.

       Because glass has high transparency, it always has a very good effect to mark logo, words and pictures on the glass. Marking different pictures has become an effective way to increase the value-added of glass products. Comparing with the traditional way, laser marking technologh has many advantages like higher efficiency, more dedicate processing, lower cost of maintenance and so on. It can also be used to draw people’s eyes. Customer can design pictures themselves and operate the machine to engrave their designs on the glass samples. Both made the products unique.

       UV Laser Marking Machine of HGLaser has high absorptivity of 355nm UV-light, which is suitable for many materials. With small UV focus spot and heat affected zone, it can be applied to special materials marking, cutting and processing, such as all kinds of glass, LCD panel, textiles, chip ceramics, semiconductor wafers, IC grains, sapphires, polymer films, etc.

● High-performance ultraviolet laser and superior laser beam quality bring exquisite marking effect for customers;
● The rotary table shortens unit processing time. Customer benefits grow exponentially at the same time;
● Equipped with safety hood, it avoids physical injury of operators by misoperation and minimizes the safety risk;
● Small size and good cooling performance.

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