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HGLaser Metal Laser Cutting Machine

2018-03-19 56 Back to list
      Laser has always been called "the fastest knife, the most accurate ruler, the brightest light". After years of development, the cutting process has not only become the sharpest "knife" in the manufacturing industry, but also the decorations we see everywhere in our daily life are inseparable from lasertechnology. Many products using laser processingmake people's lives more colorful, and they all have a common hero behind them- fiber laser cutting machine

Handcrafted Gift
     The history of Chinese metal handicrafts has a long history, but metal processing is difficult and costly. The advent of fiber laser cutting machines not only simplifies the processing of metal handicrafts and reduces costs, but also makes them affordable.

Home Decoration
     Metal home decoration overcomes the disadvantages of other materials such as fading, moisture, and difficulty in preservation, while laser cutting technology overcomes the inflexibility of metal processing. Perfect combination of laser hollow elements and metal can create clearer and more beautiful doors and windows. 

Art Architecture
     Behind each spectacular metal art building is a patchwork of thousands of metal pieces. Each piece of metal is exactly the result of the laser step by step.

     Elegant lase rhollow lines, with a simple metal cover with a unique geometric pattern, so that the metal lighting is more perfect.

    In the field of medium and high power fiber laser cutting machines, HGLaser has been leading the technology for many years, and has successively introduced GF3015, SuperCut and other popular models. In September 2017, HGLaser made a further effort to provide high-performance laser cutting products to customers who are in need of laser cutting equipment for processing stations. With the characteristics of high cost-effectiveness, mastery of core light source technology, and low maintenance cost, it can solve the problem of high investment income ratio and equipment maintenance cost for growing customers.

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