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What can AUTOBOT do for “Lightweight of Automobile”?

2018-04-16 46 Back to list

What does “Lightweight of Automobile” mean?

With theincreasing demand of energy conservation, emission reduction and drivingexperience, the automobile manufacturing industry has quietly launched a"lightweight trend". Reducing vehicle weight can not only reducesfuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, but also improves accelerationperformance, shorten braking distance, and ultimately improves drivingexperience.

Therefore,the automobile lightweight has become a new target for the domestic and foreignautomobile manufacturers.


AUTOBOT series 3d lasercutting machine is designed for car thermoformed piece industry, mainly tosolve the problems of opening hole and deburring in the 3d metal forming parts.The equipment with good cutting quality, fast speed, good dynamic performance,can meet the demand of the automobile industry, and greatly reduce acquisitioncost.

The special features of AUTOBOT

The advantagesof AUTOBOT
Traditional way toprocess high strength steel 3d hot forming parts is stamping. The biggestdrawback of traditional way is the need of designing the mold. What’s more,mold is easy to wear during use. Frequent repair and replacement cause intime-consuming and work-wasting.
The combination of 3d robot and laser appearsto solve some cutting holes and trimming problems. But its precision andproduction efficiency can't meet the requirements of auto thermoforming partsindustry.

  • Autobotis suitable for the automobile hot forming line industry. It realizes highquality, high precision and high efficiency cutting on the  high strength steel hot forming parts, dispenseswith secondary process. 
  • Comparedwith the traditional Japan carbon dioxide three-dimension five axis machines, thecomprehensive efficiency of Autobot has improved three to five times higher,and reduced 50% cost.
  • Autobotcan realize the task that can be accomplished by many process including traditionalplasma manual cutting, trimming die, punching die, three-dimensional cutting andwire-electrode cutting. It can be truly put intelligent, multi-function, highefficient and low energy consumption flexibility processing into effect.
Application in Lightweight of Automobile

High efficiency: The cutting time of single B column canreach the 50S. The maximum positioning speed of single axis is 70m/min, theacceleration is 1G, and the rotary table can be changed for no more than 5seconds at a time.
Stability: 24 hours continuous operation.  The equipment adopts the modular design, thecore devices adopt the international top brand, the design life is more than 10years.
Safety:The CE/CDRH standards and comply withthe safety standards of automobile industry.

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