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The light weight trend of the automobile is obvious: the laser cutting is taking advantage of the power

2018-04-22 30 Back to list

Automobile manufacturing industry is a highly concentrated industry. the laser as an advanced manufacturing which is very important in the process of automobile manufacturing.With the increasing demand of automobile lightweight, highly automated and highly intelligent production systems are favored, and the importance of laser cutting machine is becoming more and more obvious.

Laser processing covers all the application fields in automobile manufacturing industry.Application scope includes: auto parts, car body, car door frame, car trunk, car roof cover and other aspects.In Europe and the United States and other developed industrial countries, there are 50% - 70% of car parts that are accomplished by laser processing, among them, the laser cutting is one of the main laser application and laser cutting car industries including flat plate cutting, three-dimensional cutting.

Plane cutting:

The amount of sheet metal cutting will be very large In theautomotive industry, and the advantage of using a laser cutting machine isobvious.

The cost of laser cutting is equivalent to 80% of traditionalcutting. If a large number of laser cutting is used in place of the traditionaldie blanking in domestic, it can save a lot of die manufacturing costs

● When cutting medium and small batches, large areas andcomplex contours, the laser cutting machine is more flexible, meets individualrequirements, and shortens the cycle.

● Laser cutting is digitally controlled by a computer. It canaccurately cut complicated patterns, and is easy to modify and has a smallerror.

● The laser cutting equipment has a large processing surfaceand it can achieve nesting cutting with whole metal sheet. This is not easy forother processing equipment.

● Both the dimensional accuracy and notch roughness criteriaof laser cutting exceed the normal mechanical cutting.


The application of 3Dlaser cutting technology in the automobile manufacturing industry is mainly thedesign and manufacture of automobile bodies. It is widely used in thedevelopment of new models and production ofdeformed cars, or cutting prototypesparts, and body cover parts punching or edge neatening. Cut the steering wheel hole, windshield,bracket of roof cover and so on.Compared with other cutting methods, three-dimensional laser cutting also hasthe advantages of high flexibility, high efficiency, good precision, lowpollution, low labor intensity, and cost savings.

Three-dimensionallaser cutting has a high degree of flexibility. Under normal circumstances, aset of molds can only be used for one type of workpiece, but three-dimensionallaser cutting can be used for any process of any workpiece. When the workpieceproduct changes, such as changes in surface, edge neatening, and holes, etc., only the laser-cutting offlineprogram needs to be changed. Because the fixture is relatively simple, thefixture change is also convenient.

At the same time, the three-dimensional laser cutting machine can also solve the problem of cutting holes and cutting edges of some three-dimensional metal moldings, but its machining accuracy and production efficiency cannot meet the requirements of the automotive thermoforming line industry.

At present, laser cutting machine which is in the process of domestic automobile manufacturing, auto parts, for efficiency and processing quality of ascension gained significant achievements, and has made the huge market effect.

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