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Designed for mass cutting of automotive thermal components——Autobot Series

2018-04-27 35 Back to list

There is a beam of light.

It is of great eminence.

It conquered industrial production.

It became the greatesttool of our time.

Designed for car hotforming parts

——3d special laser cutting machineAutobot Series

It revolutionized thedevelopment of the automobile industry.

Autobot Series can meet the processing demand of the automobile thermal-forming parts like A column, B column, C column, four door and three cover, side fender, front and rear floor, wheel cover, anti-collision beam, the front longitudinal beam and reinforcement parts.

Maximum positioning speed of A/C axis:360°/s

Quick punch

automatic focusing

Small Angle parts cutting


High dynamic performance with the moving axis.

High dynamic performance

Elevated gantry dual drive: stability, high precision.

Cutting speed>30m/min

resultant acceleration>1.7G

Laser radiation protection

Workspace security gratings.

Workspace laser scanner. 

As the pioneer and leader of
 China's laser industrialization application.
HGLaser will always 
Striving for ”Higher glory in manufacture ”, 
Keeping improving to create greater value for customers, 
Leading the laser processing automobile intelligent manufacturing 


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