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Laser Marking On make up

2018-07-26 201 Back to list

The Internet has brought a lot ofconvenience to everyone’s life, allowing goods to be circulated around theworld. At the same time, counterfeit and shoddy goods also use the Internet andspread everywhere. Everyone loves beauty, especially women. So anti-counterfeitinghas become the most concern topic to women. L'Oreal, Estee Lauder and otherwell-known brands have adopted anti-counterfeit labels. Ordinaryanti-counterfeiting uses inkjet, and laser marking is unique in theanti-counterfeiting industry.

Permanently,laser marking will not be erased over time or friction;

Low cost, save a lot of inkand labor, can be automatically marked

Environmental protection, thewhole process of marking is environmental without pollution

The HGLaser Flying Series online marking equipment combines laser marking with an electronic database platform to achieve “scanning code traceability”. When the consumer takes out the mobile phone to scan the bar code on the daily chemical products, you can check the authenticity of the product, from the production and sales of the product to the terminal facade, the production time, the production place, the price... all the information is transparent at a glance. In this way, customers no longer have to worry about buying fake and shoddy daily necessities, but also bring a better reputation to the company.

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