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Laser marking QR code

2018-07-31 71 Back to list

QR code has the characteristics of largestorage capacity, high confidentiality, high traceability, strong damageresistance, large redundancy, and low cost. These features are especiallysuitable for forms, security, tracking, license, inventory, and datapreparation. Aid and other aspects. This paper mainly explains the applicationof laser marking two-dimensional code traceability system. A product toestablish a complete data traceability system, to achieve two goals, one isinternal quality control traceability, and the other is external producttraceability.

Internal quality traceability

Internal quality traceability can trace theproduction batch, supplier, processing flow, non-performing rate and otherinformation. It is only necessary to use the laser marking machine to mark theoutbound products and query them through the database system. Once you have aproblem with which products and which suppliers are not standardized, you canget the details at a glance. 

After processing into finished products,the product is laser-marked twice, marking the unique batch, tamper-proof, andpermanent QR code, and then enters the database system through the visualrecognition system, combined with the external traceability system.

External product traceability

The external product traceability is mainlyfor the user to scan the QR code to check the authenticity of the product, toknow the origin of the product, the date of production and other detailedinformation. At present, in the food, medical, industrial electronics and otherindustries, the application of laser marking two-dimensional code traceabilitysystem is more.

HGLaser two-dimensional code traceability system, is committed to the perfect trace of the industrial chain, to achievethe goal of one thing and one code, the whole process of product control. Lasermarking is low in cost, easy to generate QR code, flexible in informationcommunication, high in information readable rate, and permanent in laser codeassignment.

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