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Laser applied in oil Industry

2018-08-08 70 Back to list

The pipes ofthe oil pipelines are generally steel pipes, which are connected by connectingdevices such as welding and flanges, and use valves for opening and closingcontrol and flow regulation. The oil pipeline mainly has conveying processessuch as isothermal conveying, heating conveying and sequential conveying.Corrosion of pipelines and how to prevent corrosion are one of the importantaspects of pipeline maintenance. At present, oil pipelines have become one ofthe main transportation tools for petroleum, and they still have considerabledevelopment potential in the future.

Oil slottedpipe is the key part to protect from sand during oil mining. Oil slotted pipecan be classified into five types: bridge type oil slotting pipe, drillingslotting pipe, kerf slotting pipe, composted pipe, wire-wrapped slotting pipe.Oil slotted casing pipe is cut by specialized ultra-thin cutting disk and laserbeam. There are many certain configurations kerfs with shape of longitudinal orhelical straight line on oil slotted casing pipe.

FARLEY•LASERLAB petroleum sieve seam tube laser cutting machine has the characteristics of longstroke, stable optical path, superior performance and high efficiency. The equipment can cut the length of the tube at a distance of 6 meters, and onlyneed to move once for the 11-meter oil screen. After processing, the productionefficiency is greatly improved and the needs of users are met.

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