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Fiber laser marking makes you different

2018-08-23 78 Back to list

Since the birth of China's first fiber lasermarking machine in 2003, this cost-effective marking device has been widelyused in all walks of life such as 3C, automotive, daily necessities, craftgifts and other industries. And always showing the charm of laser technology.

Sowhat can the fiber laser marking machine do?

Business Card

Have seen the same piece of coated paper, do you want to break through the tradition way to make yourself stand out among thousands of people? If so, you can learn from the creative metal business card by laser technology. You can create a unique personalized business card using the fiber laser marking machine to customize the pattern inthe metal upstream.


With the changes of thetime and concepts, just simply buying a ring seems to be unable to meet therequirements of couples. The ring lettering has already become a fashion style,using fiber laser marking machine to engrave non-erasablewords on a small ring which contains unlimited love.

Mobile phone

Metal material is a very popular design. In recent years, the whole metalbacking plate is widely used in mobile phone including Apple, HTC and other manufacturers. Most models will use metal frame design to improve the texture,usually using aluminum alloy. This also makes the fiber laser marking machineuse its place by customizing various texts and patterns.

Daily necessities

 The most commonly used items in life can alsobe transformed by fiber laser marking machine. Take the heat preservation cupas an example. No matter whether the water cup is high, short, fat or thin, thefiber laser marking machine can engrave beautiful graphics and let it gorgeouslytransformed.

HGlaser general-purpose fiber laser marking machine equipped with 20W, 30W, 50W fiberlaser, small integrated design, light and flexible. It is a veritable"sales champion" serving a number of 3C electronic productmanufacturers and widely used in electronic components hardware tools, dailyconsumer goods, auto parts, 3C electronics, gift jewelry and other fields. It’sthe best choice for personalization of metal materials.

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