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How to mark on cable

2018-08-28 54 Back to list

In the process of people's life and construction, there are many kinds of pipes and cables, which are often crossed and crossed, and it is often easy to confuse their functions.In the past, it was marked by the outer inkjet marking and labeling method. However,once these pipes and cables are arranged, they will be used for a long time,and may often need to face a relatively harsh environment. These marks aredifficult to withstand various tests.

Previously, weused inkjet marking, or labeling, which caused a lot of unnecessary trouble dueto frequent wear or tear. Now users are asking for permanent marks that won't fall off paint and won't fall off. Laser marking came into being, markings wereclear and permanent, and there was no pollution or wear. 

HGLaser's online laser inkjet printer can realize high-speed automatic operation, and fast marking speed, the production efficiency is improved than before!  "HGLaser is a leading company in the industry. The online laser printer that was launched earlier has been praised as "Flying Series" by its customers because of its "flying general" marking speed.

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