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Laser marking on cables

2018-09-04 68 Back to list
The structure size of wireand cable product is usually small and uniform, so the manufacturing precisionis high. As an advanced marking device, the laser marking machine is replacing the traditional coding equipment with its many advantages, becoming the latest choice for wire and cable manufacturers. The laser marking machine has a great advantage in the wire and cable industry with zero consumables, high stability,maintenance-free, beautiful logo and no falling off! For wire and cable users,clear and accurate identification is a way of identifying brands, and it isalso easy to establish confidence in long-term safe use. For productioncompanies, laser marking technology can improve the brand image and uniform logo of the brand. Management is conducive to building a good brand image andproduct reputation!

As the leader in the laser industry, HGLaser hasbeen committed to providing users with the most professional and mature laser marking application solutions. The online laser marking machine launched by the company was praised by customers as the "Flying Series" because ofits "flying general" marking speed. The Flying series online laser marking machine can perform non-contact high-quality laser marking on fast-moving products according to the needs of users. The marked writing is clear and conspicuous, and can not be erased permanently, which has the advantage that inkjet coding can't match. This series of equipment can run continuously under severe production conditions.

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