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How cool the laser can be when applied in car industry

2018-09-19 88 Back to list

Benefiting from the intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, HGLaser international business continued to develop quickly. The products were exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. In the past half year,overseas business continued to grow rapidly.

Let’s see how laser work in car industry~

Welding car battery

Workers are debugging automated laser welding systems for a well-known car brand. The system can complete laser welding of 3 meter car battery tray in 1 minute.

Cutting automotive thermoformed parts

Welding car roof
Welding a 4.8-meter-long car body in 1minute

In recent years, HGLaser has actively deployed automotive lightweight welding systems and new energy automotive electronics fields to form unique advantages and master key technologies of fiber lasers and solid-state lasers. The project “High-quality andhigh-efficiency laser welding, cutting key process and complete equipment in automobile manufacturing” won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, successfully implemented the first China all-aluminum body laser automatic welding production line, and Guangqi Honda first used laser technology for white body welding. This is the production line of HGLaser.

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