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Auto laser marking system applied in package industry

2018-10-22 26 Back to list

Two-dimensional code laser marking on beverage bottles and caps has begun to be widely promoted. So, how much do you know about two-dimensional codes?

There are two types of two-dimensional codes: one is common QR code and the other is DATA MATRIX code.

The QR code is characterized by the inclusion of Chinese characters, and the content that can be stored is also very rich. At the same time, according to its code system, the scanning speed is faster. They are widely used in many food, drinks, bottles, caps and bottles in China.

The DATA CODE code is characterized by a smaller size, and the size of the QR code does not become larger as the content increases.

Why is the laser code printer generally used for code marking?

Clearer coding effect
Better adhesion
Lower usage fees
Lower failure rate

HGLaser’s  new series laser marking machine——flying series can meet all your demands and can be integrated to automobile 

production line. You can also use the machine by control screen and offline.

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