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Laser welding beauty tool

2018-12-25 29 Back to list

With the popularity of smartphones, self-timer has also embarked on a period of rapid development. At the beginning of the 21st century, the first mobile phone with a camera appeared, Sharp J-SH04, and later we had a smart phone, and self-timer was also highly involved in daily social life.

As the saying goes: "When a workerwants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools." Modern womenare increasingly demanding self-portraits, and the requirements for camerapixels are getting higher and higher. Ordinary cameras have not met therequirements of self-portraits, and the cameras are also being upgraded at highspeed. If the mobile phone camera is the standard for self-portrait women tomeasure new mobile phones, then the mobile phone camera module welding is thebasic of whether a new mobile phone can be launched.

Nowadays, smart phones are becoming moreand more powerful, and the processing of various precision parts is becomingmore and more difficult. Especially for mobile phone cameras, not only thepixels themselves are high, but also the appearance value is very important.The traditional welding method can’t meet the demand.

The new laser welding process has smallheat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth and beautifulweld seam. In the welding process of precision parts, the advantages of smalland medium power laser welding machine are outstanding. As one of the commonlyused laser processing equipments, laser welding machine equipment has beenapplied to major 3C equipment manufacturers. The principle is to use a highenergy density laser beam as a heat source to melt and solidify the surface ofthe material into a whole.

HGLaser is a well-known small and mediumpower laser welding machine manufacturer in China. The medium and small powerlaser welding machine has passed the international CE certification, OHSAS18001certification, ISO14001 environmental quality system certification and ISO9001quality management system certification. The processed solder joints are fine,flat and beautiful.

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