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HGLaser Customer Review

We have done the right choice——HXF SAW Co.,Ltd

2019-01-07 37 Back to list
Tell the story of the years when we worked together and talk about the big dreams in the future.

HXF SAW Co.,Ltd, mainly cut and process saw blade body. Since the purchase of the first laser equipment in 2002, it has become the leader of the saw blade industry.

1.      Reversal: Unremarkable 10%

In such a segment of the stone industry, the rate of steel sheet metal has always been the main source of the pursuit ofthe company, reducing the cost, but the traditional processing method can notprocess the sawing machine after quenching and tempering.

HXF SAW Co.,Ltd, has done a lot of research comparisons, and found that only laser technology can meet the needs of long-term development. The laser cutting can change the size of the small andsmall, and the sawing material of large and small, the finished product rate will increase by at least 10% on the original basis. 10% may be inconspicuous in terms of small accounts, but it is an amazing big number in terms of the overall business. HXF SAW Co.,Ltd simply unfolds the data of 10 points and finds that there is a good reason to replace the traditional punching process by laser cutting. ”

2.      Choice: the first laser device

 As the first "lase" of the workshop, the first laser equipment is still in normal operation. The start-uptime is 139,960 hours and the running time is 139,860, which means that there are only 154 hours of downtime or maintenance time in more than ten years."Our later our steel plate is getting bigger and bigger, beyond the worksurface of 3*1.5 meters. In order to continue to use the value of this machine,HGLaser added a rotating work surface next to the equipment, more than 1.5meters or even 5 meters. We can cut and use it more smoothly," theworkshop worker introduced.

With the advanced equipment of laser as thefoundation and guarantee, the traditional processing process has been subverted. The company scale, product quantity, quality and sales volume of HXFSAW Co.,Ltd have been greatly improved. “Short and fast manufacturing” has become a reality. In 2007, the domestic market share was obviously at Frontier status.

The increase in production capacity means that the equipment should be more stable. The workers in HXF SAW Co.,Ltd said that the HGLaser equipment is safe, not only because of the good quality of the products, but more importantly, if there is any problem, as long as it can'tsolve, a phone call, even if it is At 11 or 2 in the morning, there were also After-sales personnel on-site maintenance, the service has done its utmost.

3. Goal:Become a Centennial Enterprise

What we are pursuing is the interpretation of the four words of specialization, precision, speciality and newness. The healthy development of our company and the dignity of our employees are powerful and high-quality enterprises. ”

Oil is the blood of industry, the knives are the teeth of industry. As our stone people, HXF SAW Co.,Ltd saw blade is our teeth. We want to make this tooth stronger. To make this tooth more wearable and longevity, we must rely on it. HGLaser provides us with continuous technical support. In this year, we proposed a new concept of intelligent automation for single-machine automation, online intelligence, product modularization,and factory informationization. HGLaser has provided basic protection for thenew four.

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