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HGLaser signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant

2019-08-21 95 Back to list

On August 15, 2019, Wuhan HGLaser Engineering Co.,Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The two parties will cooperate through various forms of skills, talents, market and so on. They will form a win-win, sustainable strategic cooperative partnership in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing and automotive industry.

Before signing the agreement, The two sides communicated on business systems, development status and technological innovation, especially on the specific path of strategic cooperation. Zhang Rixin, general manager of Dongfeng Equipment, said at the signing ceremony that as a benchmark for technology power, HG Laser had a large number of advanced production experience in technology upgrade and process innovation. The two sides had reached many good cooperations in the previous period, which laid a solid foundation for the integration of equipment manufacturing integration technology and laser coupling technology. One of the highlights of the cooperation was to explore new powers in automobile manufacturing and jointly develop high-end equipment market. Dongfeng Equipment will continue to deepen innovation-driven development, accelerate transformation and upgrading, deepen strategic cooperation with HG Laser, and make contributions to the development of China's independent high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

In recent years, HG laser has been led by technology and taken the market as the traction. We have explored in depth in the field of laser and intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, we have reached strategic cooperation with some well-known companies, such as Wuchuan and Sanyi , which forms a strong synergy effect. This time we joined forces with Dongfeng Equipment. In the future, this cooperation will be used as an opportunity to vigorously promote the application, promotion and service of laser technology in the brands of Dongfeng Equipment, jointly promote the integration of laser technology and high-end manufacturing industry, and boost "intelligent manufacturing in China".