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Car body-in-white

The Car body-in-white refers to the body that has been welded and has not been painted. The white body is equivalent to the steel skeleton of a car. The safety factor of a car depends largely on the strength of the skeleton. To build a lightweight and safe steel skeleton, the advantages of laser welding technology coincide with the high standards and requirements of white body welding.

Start from scratch

The new Civic is not the first collaboration between HGTECH and Dongfeng Motor. Previously, HGTECH has provided laser welding, cutting, drilling and other technical processes for Shenlong Automobile, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan and other brands.

For the first time, Dongfeng Peugeot 508's first bidding for body welding resulted in the loss of HGTECH. It is not lost in technology, price and strength, but in distrust. Customers do not believe that the technology of a domestic enterprise can meet the high quality guarantee of large-scale and uninterrupted production of the production line.

Two years later, HGTECH has succeeded. It not only established cooperation with Dongfeng Motor, but also became the first Chinese laser enterprise to enter the field of white body laser welding.The equipment has been running for 10 years now. It is the longest domestic production line of white body laser welding. It has also proved that its stability, reliability and expansibility surpass those of other countries through its strength. Colleagues.

Technology is like rowing against the current, no progress means backwards.Automobile manufacturing enterprises have been innovating and upgrading, the body laser welding technology can not be stagnated naturally.

The 20-year-old HGTECH has been firmly convinced to speak with strength, 10 years in the field of laser welding car body-in-white from an unknown recruit to the industry's leading general.

Welding speed has been raised from 70 mm/s to 120 mm/s.

Welding technology is more automated, intelligent and flexible, from only one type of vehicle to multi-model mixed-line production, behind the technological sophistication lies the determination to explore and the sensitivity to the market.

From being trusted by domestic automobile companies to entering foreign automobile companies such as legal system, American system and Japanese system, and even going abroad to build automobile production lines in Vietnam and Thailand, it has penetrated into the field of new energy automobiles. At present, it accounts for 80% of the domestic automobile body-in-white welding business market share, and behind the expansion of the market comes from the confidence in technology and strong strength.