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HGTECH laser robot system intelligent factory project started construction

2019-09-27 92 Back to list

The 70th anniversary of the founding of New China is about to usher. In the 70 years of hard work, China's manufacturing industry has achieved unprecedented development, and is fully committed to the road of high quality.

Development needs innovation. Fortunately, every time HGTECH innovates, it has set the beat of the times. With the accelerating pace of China's manufacturing intelligent transformation and upgrading, Huagong Technology's laser intelligent equipment business also ushered in the "golden age" of development.

On September 26, the groundbreaking ceremony for the HGTECH Laser Robot System Intelligent Factory was held in the Huagong Technology Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park in Gedian Development Zone.

The laser robot system intelligent factory project is planned to invest 250 million, mainly for the construction of high-end laser cutting equipment, large robot laser welding automation system, large-scale laser additive manufacturing equipment intelligent manufacturing production line, the project construction period is one year, and the annual sales will be realized after the production. With an income of more than 1.5 billion yuan, the indirect benefits of the industrial chain are close to 100 billion yuan, forming a strong industrial radiation.

As an enabling technology, laser can be combined with automation and information technology to become an important tool for transformation and upgrading of various industries. As early as more than 10 years ago, HGTECH began the “laser + automation” exploration for the automotive industry, representing Chinese companies entering the global automotive welding field.

With the arrival of the industry 4.0 wave, the manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of high efficiency, intelligence, clean and environmental protection. Focusing on “equipment intelligence, manufacturing service, and operation digitalization”, HGTECH serves more and more Chinese manufacturing benchmarking companies to meet the diverse needs of customers for quality, production efficiency, product efficiency and individuality customization.

In September this year, HGTECH also launched a project to build a smart shop roof unit production line with China Railway Group's Baoqiao Group. The plant has an automation control room, a panel unit intelligent manufacturing production line and a horizontal diaphragm intelligent manufacturing production line. The board unit intelligent manufacturing production line includes U-rib assembly robot, U-rib assembly internal welding machine, multi-electrode submerged arc welding machine and other equipment; horizontal diaphragm intelligent manufacturing information production line system, including diaphragm welding robot, laser numerical control line Machines, automatic turning machines, logistics systems and other equipment. This project will become a leading domestic and international first-class steel structure intelligent manufacturing information production base with typical demonstration significance of China Railway Industry.

The depth and breadth of laser technology applications are constantly expanding. HGTECH will continue to seize the opportunities of transformation and upgrading in all walks of life, from high-end intelligent equipment to smart production lines and smart factories, and shoulder the mission of “higher glory for manufacturing”