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HGLaser "new technology" leads the transformation of new energy industry

2019-11-08 67 Back to list

Just after the opening day of the Wuhan base camp, HGLaser went to Shenzhen in a non-stop manner to participate in the Shenzhen Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition held on November 4-6.

At the scene, we not only brought the laser processing intelligent solutions covering the new energy field, but also the latest lithium battery laser manufacturing equipment, which won the China Lithium Industry Annual Excellent Enterprise Award for two consecutive years. How is the grand event? Look together. 

Three new products publicly unveiled

More powerful technology, more advanced products, more popular popularity, the "big guy" on display at the scene, the popularity is too strong.

It is difficult to realize lithium battery processing in the traditional process. The laser processing method with small heat-affected area has a natural advantage in battery welding. Shenzhen Huagong Laser relies on the deep cultivation of new energy fields for many years, and it is difficult for customers in the practical application of new energy batteries. Demand, heavy introduction of three new energy battery laser processing new products, can process multi-type, multi-material new energy power battery, fully automatic, high efficiency, once debut, attracted many industry professionals to visit the booth.

It is used for the welding of the top cover and the shell of the laminated square type power battery, mainly including laser pre-spot welding, laser peripheral welding and post-weld inspection.1, battery vertical feeding, pipeline delivery, automatic scanning code2, dual-channel design, welding head two-channel switching welding, higher laser utilization3, peripheral welding fiber + semiconductor composite laser welding, higher welding quality4, automatic post-weld inspection, automatic flanging press roller, automatic flanging detection, automatic sorting OK / NG products5, can communicate with the customer MES system, automatically complete the upload and trace of product data 

Automatic sealing nail welding system

It is used for the welding production of square type power battery sealing nails, which can realize the process of battery feeding, laser height measurement, cover scanning code, laser cleaning, sealing nail feeding, laser welding, weld inspection and battery discharging. 1, the battery vertical feeding, pipeline delivery, automatic scanning code;2. The upper/lower material transfer water line variable channel is convenient for docking with other process lines;3. The two-dimensional code of the tray is bound to the two-dimensional code of the top cover of the battery to realize the traceability and management of the battery information;4. The tray is recirculated to realize the sharing of the altimetry information.5. Automatically sorting OK/NG products;6, can communicate with the customer MES system, automatically complete the upload and trace of product data.

China's lithium battery industry annual outstanding enterprise award, HGLaser won this award for two consecutive years, our strength has won high recognition in the market, is encouraging, and is more motivating, HGLaser will continue to stand on the industry, focus on the future, and create sustainable development for China's "intelligence" force.

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